My name is Jonathan Chamberlain and I love second-hand books. I trawl the paperback racks outside the bookshops with their cheap discounts. This blog is about the books I have encountered there.

On the other hand I love writing new books. I have written the following:

Dreams of Gold – comic romp – how the London 2012 Olympic Games were saved from the bizarre plans of a crazed dictator by a motley crew of international athletes, a minor Welsh poet and an English butler.

Whitebait & Tofu – sexy suspense thriller. Photographer gets caught up in a Japanese conspiracy. Crisp as haiku tale of love and sex and death.

Alphabet of Vietnam – thoughtful, complex narrative exploring the consequences of war and the intersecting of love and violence.

Wordjazz for Stevie – personal memoir of how my life was transformed by my beautiful but profoundly disabled daughter

King Hui – Peter was a playboy, kungfu fighter, wartime Japanese collaborator, peacetime CIA spy, would-be criminal mastermind and a great deal more. He once owned all the opium in Hong Kong. One day, he sat me down and started to tell me his story.

Chinese Gods – a personal exploration of the folk religion that informs the thinking of over a billion Chinese people

Cancer Recovery Guide –  ‘best cancer book 2009’ according to the prestigious Townsend Letter for Doctors

The Cancer Survivor’s Bible – the latest incarnation of the Complete Recovery Guide – Everything that everyone should know about cancer and how to recover from it.

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide Series Books 1-8 – This is the same information that’s in the Bible, but with these short books you need only buy the section(s) you are particularly interested in.

For more details of the cancer books go to www.fightingcancer.com

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