Me! Me! Me Tarzan. You! You! You idiot!

Yes, the ‘me’ word raises its ugly head again but before I get into that I need to address a particular supermarket whose name may or may not be Waitrose (I may or may not be talking about the branch on Western Road, Brighton). Can we imagine this discussion taking place?

Customer (holding mislabelled food item: This is not cod, it is salmon

Shop Person: Well, maybe you’re just being fussy. Salmon, cod, what does it matter? They’re both fish.

No. This conversation would not happen in a million years. The Supermarket chain would make a big point of knowing the difference between a cod and a salmon.

But then it goes and promotes itself to its customers with these statements (I paraphrase)

The Supermarket chain (which may or may not be Waitrose):

is champiuoning British sourced food

is treading lightly on the environment

is responsible sourcing


We don’t need to go any further. Adverb, adjective, what’s the difference? They’re both just words.

No! No! No!

And what about the ‘me’, ‘I’ thing? Tarzan said “Me Tarzan” because he was an uneducated jungle creature and this is clearly indicated by the words he chooses to express himself, which he wouldn’t have said if he had gone to Eton as originally intended.

Who today would say: “Me went to the football match”? Nobody.

But who would say: “Me and Jack went to the football match.”? Hmmm? This is what just about everyone under 30 says. One day Jack won’t go and then it will be just me.

So me now going to stop being old fart. Me going to have a drink.

I too!

Oh don’t be silly!

About Jonathan Chamberlain

I am a novelist and creative writer attacking all genres indiscriminately - Dreams of Gold (humour) - Alphabet of Vietnam (literary suspense) - Whitebait & Tofu (noir suspense) - Wordjazz for Stevie (memoir) - King Hui (biography) - Chinese Gods (cultural analysis) - The Cancer Survivor's Bible (self-help) My literary blog is In Praise of Older Books see My Fighting Cancer website is My cancer information archive is at
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