UK Author signs seven book deal with US Publisher

Now that’s the kind of headline I like. And it’s true. And what’s even more wonderful is that that author is ME!

And the icing on the cake is that the books are already written – more or less. A little updating is needed but should be finished with that tomorrow.

The books in question are seven of the eight short cancer books that are already available under the title Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guides (or in one volume – much cheaper and with an extensive contents section and index – as The Cancer Survivor’s Bible – see for details) – The most comprehensively detailed discussion of all your options – conventional and non-conventional.  If you are affected by cancer (and 40-50% of us will be so you really should be interested – much better to know in advance than to wait till time freezes over with panic) then you should read this book now – I mean it.

Here is a link to a review that has just appeared on the Association for Natural Health (ANH)  website:

“Know yourself. Know your enemy. 100 fights. 100 victories.” Sun Tzu

About Jonathan Chamberlain

I am a novelist and creative writer attacking all genres indiscriminately - Dreams of Gold (humour) - Alphabet of Vietnam (literary suspense) - Whitebait & Tofu (noir suspense) - Wordjazz for Stevie (memoir) - King Hui (biography) - Chinese Gods (cultural analysis) - The Cancer Survivor's Bible (self-help) My literary blog is In Praise of Older Books see My Fighting Cancer website is My cancer information archive is at
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