Got to share this…review

I sent copies of Dreams of Gold to top-rated Amazon reviewers – and just now one came back with this reply:

“Its an embarrassment being sent a book you really do not enjoy…”

Oh dear…back to the drawing board. You can’t win all the time – and other comforting cliches went through my mind – and you can’t crumple emails and throw them in the wastepaper basket but that’s what I felt like doing. But as I was turning away I noted the next word.


Whoa! Better read on.

– however, no problems like that here as I read through it yesterday and really enjoyed it!  Good luck in your future publishing career.  I have submitted my review to Amazon: 

“The back cover describes Dreams of Gold as ‘P G Wodehouse meets Tom Sharpe with a dash of Spike Milligan’. Personally I would say there was a little Douglas Adams and a smidgen of Terry Pratchett in the mix too. However, this sort of analysis really does not do the author credit for producing a highly entertaining little book.

This very timely tale concerns a plot against the 2012 Olympics, and a group of ill matched characters who for various reasons will not be representing their countries.   When Rowan Jones, a Welsh poet is appointed as poet laureate to the London Olympics, he quickly makes controversial statements which these various misfits find inspirational and head for Rowan and Bronwyn, his wife’s, home.

It is one thing to write a page or two of witty and entertaining dialogue, but quite another to keep the ideas flowing for the duration of a book.  This story is entertaining and amusing throughout, and at times extremely funny.  I got through it in a day which reflects both the fact that I enjoyed it so much as well as well as it being quite short.

The characters were eccentric and memorable and anyone who reads this is not going to forget the likes of Anna, Solomon, Yoshi and Toshi and Jeremiah in a hurry.  I do hope the author is able to come up with some more good ideas as I would be very happy to read more in this vein.”

Isn’t that nice. I know this hasn’t been about older books but you know – sometimes you just have to swank a bit, as we used to say derisively when I was at school. “Stop swanking!” – well, as the Bible might have said: There is a time to swank and a time to refrain from swanking – this is definitely one of the former.



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I am a novelist and creative writer attacking all genres indiscriminately - Dreams of Gold (humour) - Alphabet of Vietnam (literary suspense) - Whitebait & Tofu (noir suspense) - Wordjazz for Stevie (memoir) - King Hui (biography) - Chinese Gods (cultural analysis) - The Cancer Survivor's Bible (self-help) My literary blog is In Praise of Older Books see My Fighting Cancer website is My cancer information archive is at
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